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The South Carolina Confederate Relic Room and Military Museum offers a variety of education programs providing curriculum and standards reinforcement and enrichment.

We operate with the conviction that familiarity with military history is vitally important to good citizenship. It’s also a high-interest subject area which often draws students into the wider world of history.

Lessons become most meaningful when “human” connections are made. Dramatic artifacts, primary sources, and true stories of historical people to whom students can relate make these connections. In our programs we strive to appeal to all grade levels and learning styles.

Military history here is not just related through true stories of men on battlefields, although those stories are important ones. To us, military history includes the overall experience of war. Homefront hardships, economic struggles, and the interplay of countless factors including technological and social changes, all contribute to a deeper understanding of our military past. .

Bring your students to the South Carolina Confederate Relic Room and Military Museum, for stories they’ll remember. Broaden their historical perspective and spark their enthusiasm. We hope to see you soon!


General Activities

Scavenger Hunt, Main Gallery Exhibits - This activity takes students on a complete tour of the
museum's main gallery exhibits, complete with questions for each section.

History Hunt, Main Gallery Exhibits and Answer List - Student should be able to locate most

Education Resources

Education Resources Content

American Revolution

South Carolina’s role in the Revolution was vital, with more battles and skirmishes within our territory than any other state. View artifacts from South Carolinians who fought for independence, on land and sea! Two pieces of special interest are the bell of the frigate South Carolina, and the sword of the Swamp Fox’s second-in-command, Peter Horry.

Civil War 

The Relic Room’s Civil War collection is second to none, including artifacts and stories from the state’s homefront as well from South Carolina leaders and common soldiers on the war’s bloody battlefields. Many uniforms, weapons and homefront items were gathered from survivors in the decades after the war, and have personal stories attached to them. And our South Carolina military flag collection, the best in existence, includes some of the war’s most famous banners - from the 1st SC regimental flag featured in Theodore Roosevelt’s essay “The Flag-Bearers”, to the tattered flag of one of SC’s Union regiments organized from freed slaves from the Beaufort District. 


In the Great War, South Carolinians served in many roles, and our exhibit includes items from land, sea and air service. A blimp pilot’s flight helmet, a Medal of Honor awarded to a SC soldier, and the flag of the segregated 371st Infantry, are among the objects on display. 


A highlight of our WW2 display is the five-foot model of the light cruiser USS Columbia (CL-56), programmed with short stories about the warship’s service in the Pacific.  We also have a case of artifacts from the Columbia, and another displaying a wide variety of items from South Carolina’s participation in that war, from confining German POW’s, to training at Fort Jackson, to the frontline fighting done by South Carolinians in Europe and the Pacific. 


Our Main Gallery includes a case summarizing the experiences of those who served in the Vietnam conflict, tragic and heroic stories of those drawn into the struggle to prevent Communist takeover there. In our second gallery, we feature a comprehensive exhibit on that conflict and the roles of South Carolinians in the fighting.


When your students joined JROTC, Civil Air Patrol, or Sea Cadets, they became part of a great South Carolina tradition.  Discipline, leadership and personal responsibility have been taught through cadet programs since early in our state’s history. A Relic Room visit can help connect them to that heritage.

The Palmetto State valued cadet-style education to develop the state’s future leaders enough to establish a state military academy (The Citadel) in 1842, and many programs at other institutions at various educational levels through the twentieth century and up to the current day.

At the SCCRRMM your cadets can connect with this history, as they learn the battlefield origins of Color Guard traditions, see the development of uniforms across time leading to the ones they wear today, and hear stories of principles of leadership which are timeless.

A visiting cadet unit can schedule a gallery tour with a cadet emphasis, or a special program in the Education Room related to a particular conflict or a branch-specific interest, such as aviation or sea service.  Adventurous units might also inquire about combining a visit to the Congaree Heritage Preserve battlefield, with a leadership debriefing at the Relic Room (it’s about a five-mile hike in-between, if you’d like to follow the 1865 route).

Cadet programs at the Relic Room are free of charge.

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