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Artifact Donation

If you have an artifact that you would like to donate to the SC Confederate Relic Room and Military Museum, please review the questions below to see if it meets the criteria.  For questions about donations or to schedule an appointment, contact Chelsea Grayburn, Registrar, via email or call 803-737-8094.
1).  What kind of artifacts does the Museum collect?
Items collected must have a connection with the military history of South Carolina from the 16th – 21st century; or they must show how this state’s military history has been influenced by, or reflected in, the state’s political and cultural development; or must be relevant to this state’s role in the military history of the United States of America.  Artifacts meeting these criteria, but of secondary value may be accepted into the museum’s study collection.
2).  How do I find out if the Museum is interested in taking an artifact I may wish to donate?
If your object meets the above criteria, contact the Registrar to schedule an appointment for you to bring in the objects or make other arrangements to view them.  The Registrar wants to know everything you know about your object (such as the history of ownership, how it was used, interesting stories surrounding the object, etc.).
3).  Can I leave artifacts I wish to donate at the Museum’s front desk?
No. This is not safe for the potential donor or the Museum.  If you simply leave an artifact without signing a temporary deposit form, it is very difficult for the Museum to credit your donation and obtain all the  information you might have about your artifact.  It is also likely that such an item will never be displayed due to lack of information.  Please contact the Registrar for an appointment before you bring a potential donation into the Museum.
4).  How does the donation process work?
Make an appointment to bring in the object(s) you wish to donate.  The Registrar will complete a Temporary Deposit Sheet and Incoming Condition Report for you sign and make you a copy.  The Collections Committee will meet to discuss and vote on whether or not to accept the object(s).  The Registrar will contact you after the meeting.  If the committee decides to accept the object(s), the Registrar will send two copies of a deed of gift form in the mail (formally transferring the object to the Museum).  Sign one copy and return the other in the enclosed stamped envelope.  If the committee does not accept the object(s), the Registrar will contact you to make necessary arrangements to return your property to you and may recommend other Museums that might be interested.
5).  Will the Museum accept my object as a loan?
The Museum’s Collection Policy restricts the Museum from taking in long term loans.  The Museum can only accept objects loaned specifically for an exhibit that will begin within an immediate time frame of the loan origination date.
6).  What if I do not want to donate or loan an object I have, but want to bring it in to ask staff questions?
Contact Chelsea Grayburn, Registrar, via email or call 803-737-8094 to schedule an appointment.
NOTE:  The museum does not appraise artifacts.