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The SC Confederate Relic Room and Military Museum features exhibits that focus on South Carolina's military history.  Experience the museum's mission by exploring the museum’s three galleries when you visit.

While touring the Main Gallery, trace the state's martial tradition through every American conflict from the Revolutionary War to the present.

The Cistern Gallery, located in what was the cistern for the mill building, houses large-scale exhibits that are on display for 1-2 years.

Small specialized exhibits are on display for a limited time in the Malvina Gist Gallery, located inside the Main Gallery.  

Click the links below to see what special exhibits are on view or coming soon.

Malvina Gist Gallery

WWI Exhibit
WWI Exhibit

WWI In 3D & "Over There: Americans Abroad in WWW."

November 8, 2019 - May 25, 2020

Replacing the exhibit on the 30th Division, which has occupied the museum’s Malvina Gist Gallery for the past year, will be a presentation that was a hit with our visitors several years ago: “WWI in 3D.” The slide show, which will require provided 3D glasses to view, was produced for the Relic Room from 100-year-old stereoscope cards. The images are high-quality, and really pop out in a way that brings them to life to a modern audience.

At the same time, in the museum’s Education Room, will be a series of panels entitled “Over There: Americans Abroad in World War I.” It will feature photographs by official U.S. Army photographers, who documented not only the front lines, but the work done by millions of Americans in support roles – transporting supplies, caring for the sick and wounded, cooking meals and maintaining equipment.

These photographers recorded for posterity the expressions on the faces of Americans at war, and they did not shy away from showing dead and wounded soldiers or the war’s destructiveness.