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The SC Confederate Relic Room and Military Museum features exhibits that focus on South Carolina's military history.  Experience the museum's mission by exploring the museum’s three galleries when you visit.

While touring the Main Gallery, trace the state's martial tradition through every American conflict from the Revolutionary War to the present.

The Cistern Gallery, located in what was the cistern for the mill building, houses large-scale exhibits that are on display for 1-2 years.

Small specialized exhibits are on display for a limited time in the Malvina Gist Gallery, located inside the Main Gallery.  

Click the links below to see what special exhibits are on view or coming soon.

The oldest artifact at the Relic Room

Katanas – Quick, what's the oldest military artifact on display at the South Carolina Confederate Relic Room and Military Museum? No, it's not from the 1860s. Remember, the museum covers ALL of our state's military history, going back to the Revolution. But that doesn't get there you there, either, because the oldest artifact is even older than that: It's a Japanese sword, a katana, that was made in about the year 1600, long before there was such a place as South Carolina! It was captured by an Army sergeant from the Palmetto State after a Japanese officer attacked him with it during the battle of Iwo Jima. In this video, Curator of Education Joe Long talks about that sword and others in the museum's collections.


Click here to view the video.