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Jerred Metz’s, Bellicourt Tunnel: The Crowning Battle of the Great War

September 10, 2019

Presented by the Richland County Library at the SC Confederate Relic Room & Military Museum

10 September at Noon

Jerred Metz’s will discuss his latest novel on the Great War that focuses on one of the last great battles of the four-year blood bath that helped bring the terrible toll in lives to an end. Using original documents and photographs he has developed a fictional group of Southerners who train for the battle of their lives as members of the 30th Division. They witness the horrors of battle and the ultimate destruction of the enemy’s greatest defensive line, Bellicourt Tunnel. Famous people such as literary figures, Sir Arthur Conon Doyle, and the poet, William Butler Yeats, play roles as witnesses to the carnage while the fictitious British corporal, Tommy Atkins, comes to life to lead them to the front. By using historical figures and fictional characters, Metz tells a story of World War I in a new, captivating way.

Contact Fritz Hamer at for more questions or contact the Richland County Library Assembly Street location.