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Streamable Learning Programs : Wade Hampton III- The Last Swordsman

December 19, 2018

Dec 19, 9:00 a.m. 

“Wade Hampton III- The Last Swordsman”: A soldier who later became governor, Wade Hampton was a reluctant secessionist but a soldier who led from the front.  He frequently fought hand-to-hand, was wounded six times, lost a son in battle, and met George Custer’s troops at full gallop on East Cavalry Field at Gettysburg.  His courage was also demonstrated AFTER the war, as he struggled against the violence prevalent in Reconstruction politics, and newspapers reported his last words in 1902: “God bless all my people, black and white.”  A fascinating, sometimes contradictory and pivotal figure who is featured in SC textbooks in 3rd and 8th grade, and whose statue stands at the Statehouse.  This session also involves getting my very favorite sword out of storage. Free to teachers and students across the state of South Carolina as part of our partnership with Streamable Learning.

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